Escorts agency girl Kirsty Get a Chance to Meet the Stars

Have you ever met your heroes? Wouldn’t you just love the opportunity to stand side by side with a superstar in the flesh? Well some of our lucky followers are getting the opportunity to do just that, and if you play your cards right you could too. Keep an eye out for some of our upcoming competitions and you could get to meet some of your idols in real life. Our latest competition winner,  PalaceVIP London escorts agency girls Kirsty, was delighted to go backstage at one of their favourite band’s recent gigs, and she recommends that everybody else watches this page so as not to miss out.

Rock the world

A Dream Come True

“I just couldn’t believe my luck”, said Kirsty. “I was planning to go to The Sex Pistols’ gig anyway and I thought it would be even better if I get to go backstage”, she added. “I was so excited when I heard that I’d won, I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to meet John Lydon in person”. “I just couldn’t stop talking about it”, she continued.

A Day to Remember Forever

“The day itself was superb”, said Kirsty. “The gig went brilliantly and it would have been a great day even if I didn’t get to meet the band”. “The band were great when I met them”, she said. “They made me feel very welcome”.

“Keep an eye out for any competitions that might allow you to meet your idols because you will be in for a great day if you win”, said Kirsty. “I am so glad that I did”, she concluded.