Why does everyone love Celebrity Gossip?

Everyone got their favorite celebrity. When you hear about their news you will obviously react happily or sadly, isn’t? This is why gossiping about celebrities is the love of many people. People are always ready to gossip about any news of a popular celebrity. This is because the human brain is a special organ which is always ready to start gossiping about any news about any person.

People are very fascinated about celebrity gossip. The desire to know about celebrity activities is common to all people due to this various reasons.

  1. People gossip celebrities for their own personal desires. This involves learning about the activities of your favorite celebrities with the desire of achieving the celebrity’s success. This acts as a motivating factor in all their activities.
  2. Gossiping about celebrities provides vast information about what is happening to a certain celebrity, thus making it easier to socially relate easily to other people.
  3. Some people gossip about celebrities to feel nice as they may be enemies to the celebrity. It is a common trait that people are happy when others are suffering.
  4. Identification with a certain celeb may be another reason for the unending celebrity gossip. Some people owe celebrities their support and love due to identification with them. A good example is a black person supporting and gossiping about a black celebrity whereas a white person gossips and supports a white celeb due to the similar races.
  5. Sometimes people are jealous of certain celebs that’s why they are very fast in gossiping about any news which has passed their way regarding the celebrity. This jealousy comes from seen the success of the celebrity.
  6. Celebrity gossip provides an opportunity for many people to live a vicarious life through sharing gossips about the cozy lives celebrities live such as partying, frequent traveling, shopping and their palatial homes. Gossiping about the cozy lives of celebrities brings joy and excitement to almost each and every person.
  7. Gossiping about celebrities makes it easy to relate to people. This is because celebrity gossip is popular and easy to share with anybody you come across. Each person has a point to share with the other thus a sure icebreaker.
  8. Gossiping about celebrities provides the opportunity to have fun and laugh as it is easier to laugh at the follies of a celebrity as opposed to the follies of a neighbor.

Now you understand why almost everyone is into celebrity gossip and perhaps the reason most people will try as much as possible to stay updated about different celebrities.